celebrity advertising

Popular Terms
Using a famous person's image to sell products or services by focusing on the person's money, popularity, or fame to promote the products or services. If the famous person agrees to allow his or her image to be used, it is termed a celebrity endorsement. If the famous person's image is used without his or her permission, the products are termed "bootleg" or "knock-offs." The promotion might be through formal advertisements in the media, or it might occur through the famous person displaying the products by using them or wearing them.

The implication is that the famous person uses the product or service that he or she endorses; for example, a supermodel with beautiful hair might be contracted to promote a certain brand of shampoo, giving the impression that her beautiful hair results from using the shampoo.

However, the person might not even use the product or service he or she endorses; in which case, he or she is often said to be "selling out." Criticism for selling out has led many famous people in North America to appear in advertisements only shown overseas.

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