certificate of deposit (CD)

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Receipt issued by a depository institution (such as a bank, credit union, or a finance or insurance company) to a depositor who opens a certificate account or time deposit account. Issued in a negotiable or non-negotiable form, it states the (1) amount deposited, (2) rate of interest, and (3) minimum period for which the deposit should be maintained without incurring early withdrawal penalties.

Use 'certificate of deposit (CD)' in a Sentence

I elected to purchase a certificate of deposit with the bank as I analyzed the investment opportunity and due to its safety I accepted it.
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Susan purchased a certificate of deposit from her bank in order to earn a higher interest rate on her money for the next two years.
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The banker gave the client a certificate of deposit, so that he could be absolutely certain his last paycheck had indeed been deposited into his account.
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