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1. General: Written declaration documenting a fact or evidencing the result of a certification exercise.
2. Internet commerce: Electronic document or message that establishes the credentials of a party and authenticates a transaction. See also Digital Certificate.
3. Law: Official document attesting conformity with a legal requirement or the performance of an act, such as a certificate of compliance or a certificate of incorporation.
4. Securities: Document attesting to the holder's ownership of a security, such as a share certificate.

Use 'certificate' in a Sentence

The graduating eighth grade class relieved certificates at the ceremony stating they had successfully completed middle school and could move onto high school.
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This person must hold a practicing certificate and be on the panel of safeguarders and/or curators ad litem and reporting officers.
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The certificate was used to present as evidence in the trial and the judge accepted it which proved vital to our case result.
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