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1. Computing: Letter, number, punctuation mark, other mark or symbol, and 'space' any element of a given character set.
2. Banking: One of the five key factors (see five C's of credit) considered in evaluation of a loan application is the applicant's credit history and reputation in the community.
3. Law: Reputation of a person, entity, or witness.
4. HR: Sum total of a person's behavioral traits, history, reputation in community, and values.

Use 'character' in a Sentence

There are only ten number characters available on a computer, but there are over a hundred non-number characters available to users.
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Joe was truly a unique character; he could be vivacious and gregarious at the holiday party and be stoic and focused during important business meetings at work.
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Ricky was upset at the way he was being questioned and watched closely by his coworkers: they assumed that because of his minor criminal convictions some time back, that his character was suspect.
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