Definitions (4)

1.Information presented in tabular form.
2.Graduated or ruled sheet of paper on which one or more lines are traced (graphed) by a recording instrument in response to changes in one or more conditions being monitored or quantities being measured.
3.Large sheet of paper (such as 23 x 35 inch or A1 size) used in presentations, usually in a stack attached to a board and called 'flip chart.'
4.Alternative term for graph.

Use chart in a sentence

  • If you took a look at the chart, you would see that the graph actually looked a little like Mickey Mouse.

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  • The chart presented by the financial analyst indicated likely future success for the firm if we implemented the recommended change.

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  • When you have statistical information that you would like interpreted into a visual form it is often useful to build that information into a chart so you can view the correlation of the data.

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