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1. General: Formal document (instrument) that creates a legal entity, exemption, immunity, privilege, or right. In case of an organization, a charter defines or mandates its function(s) and lays down rules for its conduct or governance.
2. Incorporation: Alternative term for articles of incorporation, the US equivalent of the UK's memorandum of association.
3. Transport: Non-scheduled transport service by air, land, or sea, usually by hired or leased vessels. See also charterparty.

Use 'charter' in a Sentence

The two friends recently signed a charter to officially start their partnership in the auto and home insurance business.
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Before our company was started we had to go through a charter process, as is standard with the legal requirements of the country we live in.
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The man ordered a charter bus to take the students to the performance that was happening at a city over 300 miles away from their current location.
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