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Procedure by which an airline or hotel formally registers the arrival of a passenger for a flight or a guest for a stay.

Use 'check-in' in a Sentence

When we boarded our flight, we were required to arrive two hours early for check-in, to ensure that everything was properly in place before we were able to board the plane.
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Once you arrive at the Airport you are required to go to a "Check-In" desk so that the airline can accomidate for all the passengers.. so they know who has/is boarding the plane, if there ever was to be an issues as to where the plane crashes.. then they have a record of who was on the plane.. and who they should look for or whos families need to be contacted in such situations.
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The group leader was having a difficult time rounding all the students up for the check-in at the airport and was beginning to worry they may be late for their flight.
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