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2.Computing: Hardware device (such as a personal computer) or a software application (such as a word-processor) that requests and makes use of services (such as file-transfer and storage) provided by another computer called the server. Normally, a user interacts (interfaces) only with a client whereas the server might be out of sight. A user logged on to a website is using a client computer (with the browser as the client software) that is connected via internet to a server (website's computer).

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  • This week, the lawyer would be working with his new client, who was suing a company for malpractice and needed help with it.

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  • Those who work in interior design should be careful to avoid putting too much of their own tastes and preferences into their work and remember to listen to the desires of their client

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  • The lawyer talked to his client, who was a famous drug dealer that had been caught last night in North Dakota.

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