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1.Collection of laws or regulations pertaining to a specific activity or subject.
2.Text in an encrypted (unreadable) form.
3.Rule for translating a message from one symbolic form into another (and, usually, back into the original form) with little or no loss of information.
4.Computer program written in a programming language as opposed to in a natural language (such as English).
5.Input and/or output of a programming language conversion process, such as machine code, object code, source code. See also codes.

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  • When your company follows a strict code of ethics they will run at a higher level and be respected inside the community.

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  • The secret code to get into the speakeasy was "banana." If you did not know the code, you were not allowed in.

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  • Joe, the quarterback of the university's football team, used a secret code to confuse the other team while telling his teammates which play to run.

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