coefficient of determination (r2)

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A statistical method that explains how much of the variability of a factor can be caused or explained by its relationship to another factor.

Coefficient of determination is used in trend analysis. It is computed as a value between 0 (0 percent) and 1 (100 percent). The higher the value, the better the fit. Coefficient of determination is symbolized by r2 because it is square of the coefficient of correlation symbolized by r. The coefficient of determination is an important tool in determining the degree of linear-correlation of variables ('goodness of fit') in regression analysis.

Also called r-square.

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Sometimes you may need to try and break down the COEFFICIENT OF DETERMINATION to figure out if a project is likely to have long term success.
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I learned about the coefficient of determination, which showed me the importance of relationships and how each variable was effected by the other.
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The coefficient of determination was useful in understanding the nature of the relationship between the two resources we would be using.
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