commercial crime coverage form

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Insurance that covers a business against 18 different types of loss. These are separated into different forms, each briefly described as follows: Form A covers employee dishonesty concerning money or properties. Form B covers forgery or falsification of monetary instruments. Form C covers against theft. Form D protects against robbery or safe burglary. Form E is for burglary of a business location. Form F covers fraud by computer. Form G covers extortion. Form H is for theft of items other than money and securities at the business location. Form I covers the loss of items in a safe deposit box due to theft.
Form J covers securities deposited with a guardian. Form K is for liability for a guest's property left in a safe deposit box. Form L covers other liability to the guest's property. Form M covers liability for a safe depository. Form N further covers safe depository loss. Form O covers dishonesty of public employees. This can include dishonesty and misrepresentation.Form P further covers dishonesty of public employees. Form Q covers robbery of money and security. Form R covers acts conducted by using false monetary instruments.

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