common carrier

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1. Communications: Company that offers communication services to general public over land-wire, sea cable, mobile (cellular), point-to-point microwave, and/or satellite systems.
2. Transportation: 'For hire' transporter that (1) serves all customers without discrimination, (2) provides scheduled service to designated points or within a designated area, (3) carries only the type of cargo for which it is certified, and (4) is named as the carrier in the contract of carriage. See also contract carrier.

Use 'common carrier' in a Sentence

You should find a good common carrier so that you can always rely on the service they offer and not worry about it.
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I wanted to have a common carrier instal the cable in my house, and it had to be one that I trusted a lot.
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Getting the best price from a common carrier can save your company a lot of money over the long term.
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