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An individual who believes in the socioeconomic structure known as Communism, which focuses on the establishment of classless and stateless societies. Communists seek to alleviate problems that capitalist economies have and believe that people should have equal access to goods and services. Communists usually share similar ideologies as socialists and are interrelated based on this. Some of the most well-known communists include Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong.

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Joe called Bill a communist because Bill allowed all workers to use the executive toilet, kitchen, and dining area.
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My dad called me a communist because I wanted everybody to have an even amount of cake even though I spent three days baking it and decorating it, so he thought that I should keep the whole cake to myself.
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Many a poor person has seen the appeal of becoming a communist when they had great difficulty buying a basic necessity like food or clothing.
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