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1.General: Cluster of close by and interconnected buildings, facilities, or structures (usually isolated from the surroundings by a fence or wall) built to serve a common function, such as a housing complex, medical complex, military-industrial complex.
2.Chemistry: Compound formed by the bonding of a non-metal molecule or ion to metal molecule or ion. Organic complexes (in which organic molecules bond with metal molecules) are called chelates.
3.Medicine: Syndrome of signs and symptoms of a disease or disorder.
4.Psychiatry: Manifestation of emotionally charged but repressed desires, ideas, and memories that remain active in a person's unconscious mind and continue to influence his or her behavior (or cause neurotic disorders) without the person being aware of them. The name of a complex (such as inferiority complex, Electra complex, Oedipus complex) is only for description and does not necessarily indicate a pathological condition. In popular usage, the term is a synonym for obsession.
5.Systems: Having many diverse and autonomous but interrelated and interdependent components or parts linked through many (dense) interconnections.

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