complexity theory

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Set of concepts that attempts to explain complex phenomenon not explainable by traditional (mechanistic) theories. It integrates ideas derived from chaos theory, cognitive psychology, computer science, evolutionary biology, general systems theory, fuzzy logic, information theory, and other related fields to deal with the natural and artificial systems as they are, and not by simplifying them (breaking them down into their constituent parts). It recognizes that complex behavior emerges from a few simple rules, and that all complex systems are networks of many interdependent parts which interact according to those rules.

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You should try and know how to use the complexity theory to your advantage when you are starting a new project.
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The quantum physicist often employed the complexity theory when dealing with some of his stranger findings , hoping it would explain some of the weirder things he had experienced -- to no avail.
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I learned how the complexity theory worked and I thought it was interesting how it incorporated different ideas from different areas.
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