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1. Compute a charge, fee, or increment on an amount to which another charge, fee, or increment has already been added.
2. Substance formed by a chemical reaction between two or more elements combined in a fixed proportion. Compounds are held together by covalent or ionic bonds and (unlike mixtures) cannot be separated by physical means into their constituents.
3. Settle a matter in exchange for money, such as in a composition.
4. Aggravate an offense by committing another offense or by bad behavior. See also compounding a crime.

Use 'compound' in a Sentence

When Joe was ejected from the baseball game, he compounded the situation by kicking dirt on the umpire as he walked by.
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The power of compound interest is such that, over many years, even a relatively modest investment may come to be worth millions of dollars.
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I use a compound of drugs to help me stay fit, happy and active in my life that I am leading with enthusiasm and a smile for all the world to see.
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