confined space

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Dangerous or potentially dangerous work area, with only restricted openings for entry and exit that would make an emergency escape difficult. Contributory factors that make a confined space more dangerous include (1) lack of ventilation, (2) contents that are known or potential hazards, (3) underground location, (4) location inside a tank or container, and (5) location in a space not intended for prolonged human occupancy. Typical safety hazards of confined spaces are insufficient oxygen, chemical fumes or vapors, and the possibility of being trapped due to insufficient means of exit.

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Working in a confined space can be difficult if you have coworkers who eat lunch at their desks and tend to eat aromatic foods.
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Sometimes if you have a really important task to do you may want to lock yourself in a confined space away from distraction.
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The confined space of the factory worker's working conditions was outstanding despite its small size so it was deemed cozy.
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