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2. Auditing: Letter sent by the auditors of a firm's to its debtors and creditors, requesting verification of the amounts of receivables and payables balances shown under their names in the firm's books. A positive confirmation asks for a reply whether the balance is correct or not; a negative confirmation asks for a reply only if an error is found.
3. Trading: Third-party guaranty by a financial intermediary (such as a confirming house or a bank) to a seller (or exporter) that that a named buyer's (or importer's) letter of credit will be paid (honored) if all conditions specified in it are met.
Also called confirming.

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His bosses' formal letter of confirmation let him buy the shares in the oil company he had been eying for the past quarter.
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When sending in our tax returns to the Internal revenue Service I always send them certified mailt so we have a signature confirmation of reciept.
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I received written confirmation that he had received my letter on February 24th even though I had mailed it from the post office on January 14th.
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