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1. Logically ordered and/or following the same pattern. For example, a salesperson's growth is usually consistent with his or her company's earnings.
2. Unchanging; steady. For example, a person that arrives exactly 5 minutes early to work every day is consistently punctual or on-time.
3. Being in conformity with a set of rules, guidelines or policies. Television stations, for example, need to be consistent with FCC regulations in order to be allowed to broadcast.

Use 'consistent' in a Sentence

The Kansas City Royals baseball team was very consistent with their play last year in the playoffs and that lead them to the finals.
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It is important to keep a consistent business model when things are going well to keep getting as much profit as you can.
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Marie's boyfriend often hurt her feelings with his thoughtlessness, so failing to acknowledge their anniversary was consistent with the rest of his selfish behavior.
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