Agreement between two or more parties to commission and carryout an offense, such as to commit murder or inflict injury, or to defraud, rob, or steal. In many jurisdictions the conspiracy agreement itself is considered a crime, whether or not the intended offense was carried out.

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  • Conspiracy to commit a crime is almost as bad as actually committing a crime in most consumers' point of view.

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  • I am beginning to believe my co workers have some sort of conspiracy planned to sabotage my position. One day I came in and files were missing from my desk. Someone hacked into my emails and deleted my return address and some important messages. I've caught my coworker following me at a job site. I'm not sure why they are all plotting against me but someone wants me gone.

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  • Kara, who disliked Alice,knew she wouldn't be home at a certain time, so she gladly took part in the conspiracy to set Alice's house on fire.

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