constructive notice

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1. Knowledge which, according to law, a person is presumed (or duty bound) to acquire by making normal and reasonable enquiries. For example, the purchaser of a property (or one dealing with an incorporated or registered firm) is presumed to know the legal status of the property (or the firm) from documents available for public inspection.
2. Notice of a court action in newspapers that in law is considered to be a sufficient notice to the concerned party or parties. See also actual notice and implied notice.

Use 'constructive notice' in a Sentence

The client gave constructive notice of the time table of his scheduled arrival for the inspection of the real estate.
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You may want to make sure you know what a constructive notice says and all its details so that you follow them.
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ABC Company was dismayed to discover that they had been given constructive notice that the cars they purchased from Shifty Car Dealers, Inc had all been flooded in hurricane Katrina.
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