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Teaching philosophy based on the concept that learning (cognition) is the result of 'mental construction' - students construct their own understanding by reflecting on their personal experiences, and by relating the new knowledge with what they already know. Each student creates his or her own 'schemas' or mental-models to make sense of the world, and accommodates the new knowledge (learns) by adjusting them. One of its main principles is that learning is search for meaning, therefore, to be effective, a teacher must help the student in discovering his or her own meaning.
Although based on cognitive psychology research, its history goes back to the ancient Greece, the Socratic method.

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Professor Blake, worked in the psychology hall. His specialty was memory patterns. He taught a patient how to utilize all his thoughts into one main point. His constructivism points made sense, like a construction site.
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One technique for creating a new product is to use constructivism in order to ponder what might be useful in the market.
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Today, the use of constructivism in high school science courses, has diverted the attention from the dire need of well-qualified teachers.
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