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1. Existing situation whose result is unknown or unpredictable.
2. Possible event that must be prepared for.
3. Condition that must be satisfied before an action is triggered, an agreement is effected, a contract is performed, a plan is executed, or a provision is enforced.

Use 'contingency' in a Sentence

Christopher's father grounded him and took away all television privileges after he hit his sister, which was the customary contingency for that behavior.
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A lot of families set up a contingency childcare plan for when the weather is bad and school gets cancelled.
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The contingency for Victoria's upcoming promotion was that she dedicate at least thirteen months to shadowing and learning about the company first.
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Co-Owning a Business with Your Spouse
"Have a contingency plan in place As in any business, you should prepare a contingency plan for your business in case of emergency, a natural disaster, or even a temporary problems such as one of you being delayed out of town for a period of time. Have a Durable Power of Attorney for financial issues so that someone is authorized to sign documents in the event one or both of you is legally incapacitated or detained."
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