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1.General: Imposed or required payment.
2.Accounting: Amount left over after direct (variable) costs are deducted from the sales revenue. Also called gross income, this sum pays for indirect (fixed) costs and contributes to net income.
3.Insurance: Proportional sharing of loss by the insurers when more than one policy is taken by the insured for the same peril. Under a contract of indemnity, the insured cannot profit from his or her misfortune irrespective of the number of policies.
4.Law: Right of a joint debtor (or joint tortfeasor) who pays entirely a debt (or liability) to recover from other joint debtors (or joint tortfeasors) their individual shares of the debt (or liability).

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  • Some businesses will make a political contribution to get their favored party candidate in office to rule in their favor.

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  • When I was doing a group project I felt like my contribution toward the project was higher than the other group members.

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  • When the team met up to discuss their plan for the upcoming fundraiser they all discussed what type of monetary contribution they could make to the budget.

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