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Standard-size plastic token, with a magnetic stripe that holds a machine readable code. Credit cards are a convenient substitute for cash or check, and an essential component of electronic commerce and internet commerce. Credit card holders (who may pay annual service charges) draw on a credit limit approved by the card-issuer such as a bank, store, or service provider (an airline, for example). Cardholders normally must pay for credit card purchases within 30 days of purchase to avoid interest and/or penalties.

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  • Almost every store or bank has some sort of credit card, you can either get a generic one from your bank or you could get one from your favorite store and get rewards from that store when you use it.

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  • I forgot both my cash and checkbook at home so I decided to pay the waiter with a credit card instead.

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  • The responsibility of having a credit card proved to be too much for young Adam, he quickly overused what seemed like a magic piece of plastic and found himself in a lot of credit card debt.

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Notable Quotes

  • Avoid Paying on Credit
    "Not financing your purchases doesn't mean you can't pay with a credit card - you just have to pay your bill in full within a month. The convenience, protection and cash-back rewards offered by credit cards make them a handy tool if you use them wisely. The truth is if you can't really afford it, you may be giving yourself a gift in the short term, but you'll be giving yourself an expensive headache in the long run."
    - Amy Fontinelle

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