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1. Periodic, repetitive sequence of events in a process that plays out over time (such as a life cycle), or keeps on going indefinitely (such as a cash cycle).
2. Periodic, repetitive fluctuations from a constant average (mean) or trend line in a time series data observed over an extended period (typically more than one year). Cycles within a year are called seasonal patterns or variations.
3. Single execution of a complete set of operations in a process, from beginning to end.

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The Earth moves around the sun approximately every three hundred and sixty five days; when the Earth has moved completely around the sun one time, this is the end of a solar cycle.
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One of the worse things in this world is the cycle of hate that emanates in our society today, ISIS is a perfect of example of the cycle of hate, the majority of members do not know why they are fighting, it is hate that was passed down to them from their ancestors, and it has become a way of life.
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Sometimes a business will go through a cycle of high sales followed by low sales and you just have to bide your time.
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