danger zone

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1. General: (1) Geographical area, period, or scope of activity in which the probability of damage, injury, loss or other undesirable outcome is at its highest. (2) Space about an equipment or machine where a worker may be struck by or caught between moving parts, moving and stationery parts, material and moving parts, burned by steam or hot surfaces, or exposed to electric shock.
2. HACCP: Temperature range (usually between 5°C and 65°C) in which food is at the highest risk of microbial attack.

Use 'danger zone' in a Sentence

We were in the danger zone and had to watch out for all of the different hazards that were present.
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If passing by a construction site, be sure to avoid the danger zone in which accidents can happen and you can get hurt.
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You need to try to always get the most out of a project but be careful to not get into deep into the danger zone.
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