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Systematically organized or structured repository of indexed information (usually as a group of linked data files) that allows easy retrieval, updating, analysis, and output of data. Stored usually in a computer, this data could be in the form of graphics, reports, scripts, tables, text, etc., representing almost every kind of information. Most computer applications (including antivirus software, spreadsheets, word-processors) are databases at their core. See also flat database and relational database.

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In order to figure out if the man was who he said he was, I had to check this massive database with a lot of names in it.
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You need to make sure that your company has a big enough database to handle all of the information that you gather.
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When constructing a database make sure you include all pertinent information about the customer that salesman may need to know, include any quirks, or extra attention the customer may require.
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