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A final time that a task must be completed by. "Chris knew that the deadline for new undergraduate applications was approaching, so he spent the whole weekend completing his entrance essays."

Use 'deadline' in a Sentence

If you are facing an important deadline you may have to put all other projects on hold and solely focus on the task at hand.
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Steve was working as quickly as possible, but he knew in his heart of hearts there would be no way he would make the deadline on time.
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I had to meet the deadline, or my work would not be accepted and I would be back in the unemployment line.
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Shrink Your Mental Deadlines
"If I think something is going to take me an hour, I give myself 40 minutes. By shrinking your mental deadlines, you work faster and with greater focus. I also schedule time every week on my calendar for quiet, concentrated PowerTime where I only work on my most important activities. A “Stop Doing” list is as important as a “To Do” list. A “To Do” list is easy, you just keep adding to it and the more you have on it, the more important you may feel. But “Stop Doing” is more difficult because you have to give up some things."
- Krissi Barr

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