deferred compensation plan

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Employee pension plan in which a portion of employee's salary is not paid until retirement. Upon retirement, the employee (or the surviving spouse of a deceased employee) receives a periodic or lump sum payment based on the employee's contribution The objective is to qualify an employee for lower income tax rate, before his or her income actually falls in a low-tax bracket. Life insurance policies are used also for the same objective where the cash value of the policy yields similar savings. Also called deferred compensation pension plan.

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I hoped that our deferred compensation plan would work, otherwise I think that we would be out of luck and have to do something else.
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You may need to work out a DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLAN if you want to bring someone on but can't afford to fully pay them at the time.
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Jeannine was confused by the deferred compensation plan offered by the company until her coworkers explained that it could help her qualify for a lower income tax bracket.
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