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1. General: Departure from an agreed-upon course, design, mean, or method.
2. Contracting: Variance from a requirement or specification that does not alter the basis of a contract or adversely affects its performance. See also tailoring.
3. Shipping: Deviation of a shipment from its set-route amounts to a fundamental breach of contract of carriage, and usually imposes certain penalties on the carrier.
4. Statistics: Variation among the values of a data set when compared with a measure of central tendency such as the mean, median, or mode.

Use 'deviation' in a Sentence

I prefer to asses risk objectively and this frequently involves understanding how likely deviation from the mean events are to occur.
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To start developing an interest in farming is quite the deviation from the interest you showed in auto mechanics for all these years.
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Most teenagers in this era have decided that resorting to deviation such as an inappropriate act, shows they're rebelling from the "normal" ways.
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