direct mail advertising

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Contacting carefully targeted prospects with custom tailored offers or promotional material (such as brochures, circulars, letters, newsletters) on one-to-one basis via ordinary mail or email. These mailings almost always carry a response mechanism such as a toll-free number, website address, and/or a business-reply card. In the US, direct mail advertising is the largest single advertising medium totaling over $50 billion per year, or about 35 percent of all annual advertising expenditure. See also direct mail and direct response advertising.

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The company had tried TV and radio but wanted to expand its marketing. The executive team decided to use direct mail advertising after seeing the analysis.
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The easiest way to generate sales is to find out where the demand is for products or services by sending information to relevant markets using direct mail advertising.
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We began a direct mail advertising campaign targeting recent college graduates who had previously expressed an interest in applying for credit cards through our company.
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