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1. Formal statement of relinquishment that releases an entity from debt, liability, or obligation. For example, an order of discharge frees a bankrupt from outstanding debts at the end of bankruptcy proceedings.
2. Release of a convict without pronouncement of a sentence. If the release is without condition (such as upon payment of monetary compensation to the victim) it is an absolute discharge. If the release is accompanied by certain restrictions (such as keeping peace for a stated period) it is a conditional discharge.
3. Dismissal of an employee caused by absenteeism, inefficiency, insubordination, or other such individual act of indiscipline or incompetence.

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People in the military have to be very careful about their behavior or they can get a dishonorable discharge which will effect their future working potential.
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If you are in the army and do something wrong you can get a dishonorable discharge that will stay on your record for a long time.
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Sometimes people enter a bankruptcy and if they are genuine in attempting to start fresh the courts can issue them a discharge.
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