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1. Commerce: Practice in which goods intended for a particular market are diverted to be sold in another, usually without the knowledge or permission of the primary vendor. See also doctrine of exhaustion.
2. Shipping: (1) Change that redirects an enroute shipment to a consignee or port of destination different from the original. It is an illegal practice where the particular goods are prohibited from diversion. (2) Service offered by a carrier that allows a consignor to divert an enroute shipment from its original consignee or port of destination to another, usually without paying additional freight or fees.

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Two of the students seemed to be having a loud disagreement but they were really creating a diversion so their friend could slip out of the classroom unnoticed by the teacher and save them a good spot in the lunch line.
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Sometimes if you are competing with a company for something you can create a diversion to get them focused on another task.
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In order to win the battle, the army had to create a diversion ,a distraction to keep the enemy occupied for a long time.
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