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1. Computing: Shortened name for a disk drive.
2. Psychology: Arousal which occurs when a need or an intense desire is felt that is strong enough to motivate a person to seek its satisfaction.

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When a person addicted to drugs enters a rehab facility, that person has a strong drive to kick their drug addiction.
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I just went to Office Depot and purchased a new hard disk drive for my laptop that will hold 2 terabytes of data.
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All these years I thought women and mens sex drive were about the same, but it turns out that mens desire for sex is much higher then women's desire.
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Serial Entrepreneurs Often Fail to Repeat Their Initial Success
"Entrepreneurs who are successful with their first company are usually not as successful at their second company (although they're still more successful than others). It could be that part of their first success was due to luck, or it could be that they've already been successful and so they don't still have something to prove and are less driven."
- Tom Murcko

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