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1. Owed at present. It is often used to denote that a deadline for a payment is at hand. For example, a mortgage payment may be due on the first of every month.
2. Because of; under the circumstances. Used most often as the phrase "due to" to explain why something happened based on previous events or circumstances. An airline company, for example, may use the term by saying "Due to severe weather conditions, all flights out of Seattle have been grounded until further notice."

Use 'due' in a Sentence

The man came to shut off my electric service today, but I met him outside with my bill to show him that I have until next Tuesday to pay because that is when is due.
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I didn't even realize that my rent was due today, so I hurried to the bank to take out some money to give to the landlord.
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It was difficult for Susan to face the beginning of each month because the rent was always due and she still hadn't found a job.
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