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1. Period required to complete an activity, job, or task, usually excluding holidays and other non-working days.
2. Period a fixed-income security (such as an interest bearing bond) will take to recover the investment (principal and interest) in present value terms. This information is usually provided by the security's dealer or the mutual fund that invests in that security. See also Macaulay duration, and modified duration.
3. Change in the price of an interest generating security (such as a bond) caused by a one-percent change in interest rates.

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I was in awe for the whole duration of the song because of how beautiful the lyrics were and how elegant the melody was.
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To find out the duration of the meeting, we took note of the time the meeting both began and ended, and calculated the total length of it.
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Sometimes a business may go in a slump but as long as you believe in your product you can just ride out the duration of the slump.
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