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Interest, permission, privilege, or right which one property owner has in (or through) the property of the other (usually that of a neighbor), for a specific, limited purpose. It may include the right to (1) use the other person's property via right of way, right to take water, right of light and air, right to construct a pipeline under the land, or the right to stretch a power line over the land, (2) take something from it (called positive easement), or (3) prevent its owner from using his or her property in a particular way (called negative easement). Easement may be created by continuous use of the right for a certain number of years (commonly 20) without objection from the property's owner, or on acquiring an adjoining piece of land.

Use 'easement' in a Sentence

Steven was annoyed that, long after the construction was finished next door, his neighbors continued to use the back part of his property as an easement because it was easier than utilizing the front entrance.
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If you have easement on another property you may be able to use that to your advantage in certain situations.
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If you are close with your neighbors you can grant each other easement so if a disaster happens they can fully help out.
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