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For example. Abbreviated phrase, which comes from the Latin "exempli gratia". "She always looked up to and revered strong female role models, e.g. Rosa Parks or Susan B. Anthony." Frequently confused with i.e. (that is to say; in other words) and often improperly used interchangeably.

Use 'e.g.' in a Sentence

School districts should cancel classes when the weather is too dangerous for children to be in, e.g. when the roads are covered with ice or when wind chills are near zero.
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As soon as Marty worked through the basic algebra problems, he was able to move to intermediate algebra, where he learned graphing, e.g. how to find X and Y on a two axis plane and mark those points.
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When redecorating her living room, Laura chose fall colors for her new decorating palette, e.g. brown, golden yellow and dark red.
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