electronic business (E-Business)



Firm which, in contrast to an electronic commerce firm, conducts its day-to-day business functions over the internet and/or other electronic networks such as electronic data interchange (EDI). Electronic business includes collaborating with distributors on sales promotions, interacting with and servicing the customers, and conducting joint research with business partners.

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Notable Quotes

  • One Consideration in Starting an Online Business
    "The Internet has a new business rule: Any time you create something for general use on the Web, no matter how lofty your intentions may be, spammers will immediately attempt to turn it to their advantage. Keep this in mind as you evaluate any internet business model."
    - Tom Murcko
  • Internet Companies
    "The notion of an Internet company is no longer viable. (Bradford C. Koenig was head of the technology banking practice at Goldman, Sachs & Co.; quoted in BusinessWeek, March 2001)"
    - Bradford C. Koenig
  • One Retrospective Statement from eCompanies
    "It is going to be the bargain of the century. It is going to look like we bought the island of Manhattan for $7.5 million and some beads. (eCompanies co-founder Sky Dayton on his $7.5 million purchase of the domain name Business.com in November 1999, in an Internet World interview-)"
    - Sky Dayton


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