ethanol (C2H5OH)

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Ethyl Alcohol. A clear, colorless, and flammable oxygenated hydrocarbon. The type consumed as alcoholic beverages (brandy, rum, whisky, etc., and called just 'alcohol') is produced by the natural process of fermenting grapes, malt, sugar cane juice, etc. The type used as octane enhancer or alternative automotive fuel is derived from grain, corn, or catalytic hydration of ethane gas. High concentrations of ethanol in human body can interfere with the brain functions and can cause poisoning. When mixed with gasoline (usually in the proportion 85 percent ethanol to 15 percent gasoline), it is known as gasohol.
Also called grain alcohol or grain spirit.

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Steven knew siphoning gasoline with his mouth was dangerous and he was careful not to ingest any of the chemical ethanol.
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John used to grow potatoes at his farm, but once ethanol started being used in gasoline, he switched over to growing corn.
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Ethanol, or alcohol, is one of the worst drugs because it is addictive and poisonous to the body when it is consumed frequently and in large quantities.
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