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1. General: Former, such as in 'ex president' or 'ex employee.'
2. Selling: From or out of. When used in terms of sale (such as ex dock, ex factory, ex ship), 'ex' signifies that the quoted price applies only at the place mentioned (the dock, factory, or ship) where the seller will place the goods at the buyer's disposal on the specified date. All charges from that place onwards are to be paid directly by the buyer and are not included in the seller's price.
3. Securities trading: Excluding or without. When used with offers for sale (such as ex dividend, ex cap, ex rights), 'ex' signifies that the buyer is not entitled to participate in the indicated forthcoming event (distribution of dividend, scrip issue, or rights issue) but can participate in the subsequent such events.
Opposite of cum.

Use 'ex' in a Sentence

Sometimes an ex employee may go to a competitor and he may be able to share some of your secrets.
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I did not want to go to the party because my ex girlfriend would be there and I really hated her a lot.
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We were all hanging out with our friend when his ex-girlfriend called to talk to him, the whole situation was very awkward.
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