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1.A constituent or element that brings about certain effects or results, or indicates a specific multiple, number, or quantity.
2.Finance: A party who buys accounts receivable before their due date at a discounted price (see factoring for details).
(1) A variable under examination in a study.
(2) A numerical expression of a value.
(3) A ratio (often expressed as a percentage).
(4) A number that divides a given number exactly.
(5) Two or more expressions multiplied together.

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  • The length of the manufacturing process of the sneakers was a major factor in determining how productive the company would be.

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  • For Steven, the most important factor in choosing which college to attend is the reputation and success of the professors that are teaching in his field of study.

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  • There are many factors that need to be evaluated in this important decision, including the item's price, quality of work, and efficiency of production.

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