factors of production

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Resources required for generation of goods or services, generally classified into four major groups:
  1. Land (including all natural resources),
  2. Labor (including all human resources),
  3. Capital (including all man-made resources), and
  4. Enterprise (which brings all the previous resources together for production).

These factors are classified also as management, machines, materials, and money (this, the 4 Ms), or other such nomenclature. More recently, knowledge has come to be recognized as distinct from labor, and as a factor of production in its own right.

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Phil tried to make his new business a great success, but the many different factors of production led to it ultimately failing.
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The management team that was hired decided to change how the machine was being made after they analyzed the factors of production.
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In my economics class we analyzed the factors of production to best understand how this product relates to the market.
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