ferritic stainless steels

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Plain chromium steels (12 to 27 percent chromium) with no significant nickel content which results in lower corrosion resistant than austenitic stainless steels. However, they have slightly higher yield strengths and much lower strain hardening than austenitics. Ferritic steels have body centered cubic crystal, are less ductile than austenitic steel, and are not hardenable by heat treatment like martensitic steels. Older ferritics (such as AISI 409 and 430) are used mainly for household utensils and other applications not demanding in anti-corrosion properties. Ferritics with high chromium content (such as AISI 446) are used mainly for high temperature (but below 475°C) applications, and those with extremely low carbon and nitrogen content (such as S44400) are used where protection against stress corrosion cracking is required.
They are the second largest selling type of stainless steels behind austenitics.

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