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Person or a legal entity (firm, bank, credit union) holding assets (cash, property, securities) or information as an agent-in-trust for a principal (stockholder, customer, member). A fiduciary owes (among other obligations) the duty of loyalty, full disclosure, obedience, diligence, and of accounting for all monies handed over, to the principal. A fiduciary must not exploit his or her position of trust and confidence for personal gain at the expense of the principal. Law demands a fiduciary to exercise highest degree of care and utmost good faith in maintenance and preservation of the principal's assets and rights, and imposes compensatory as well as punitive damages on the erring fiduciary.

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When choosing a fiduciary to handle your personal funds and loans, you want someone who is very trustworthy and has your goals in mind.
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Banks, mortgage companies, and many other organizations that deal in the financial industry by holding, managing, or administrating property or money are part of the fiduciary industry and have to answer to specialized government rules.
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Request a Fiduciary Relationship With an Advisor
"Did you know that most professionals in the financial-advice business arenít required to put you first? They donít have a fiduciary responsibility. In a fiduciary relationship, your interests must come before the advisorís and/or the firm for whom he works. Itís all about you and whatís best for your financial life."
- Jill Schlesinger

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