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1. Electronic: Organized collection of computer code stored under a name unique in its directory or 'folder.' A file may contain a program, part of a program, or data such as text, graphics, spreadsheet, sound, video or a combination thereof. Each program and operating system has its own file storing scheme (called file format) that is normally incompatible with other such schemes.
2. Record keeping: Accumulation of related records or documents maintained as one physical unit (file folder) and commonly stored (filed) under a particular classification.

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Once a week we email a file to corporate so that they can gather work statistics to create better strategies for promoting more production in the company.
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If you need to keep an important piece of data you should file it in a safe place that is easily accessible.
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You will need a good system to file all of your important information so that when you need it you can find it quickly.
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