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1. Surface area occupied by an item (computer, cabinet, machine) on a desk or floor, measured as the product of outermost length and width dimensions of the item.
2. Geographical area where the signals from a specific satellite can be received. It is shown as a series of concentric contour lines on the map, with the maximum power of signal in the center which decreases as it spreads out.

Use 'footprint' in a Sentence

There was a big footprint left on the ground and it actually looked as thought it belonged to some kind of monster.
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The footprint of a desktop computer is too large to incorporate into a small desk set up, therefore a tablet or laptop computer is more ideal for a spacious environment.
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As the murderer hurried to leave the scene of his crime, he left a bloodied footprint and as a result was captured due to this incriminating evidence and an eyewitness account.
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