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1. A right conferred or established by a government, such as the right to vote (exercise one's franchise) in a local or national election.
2. Commerce: (1) A privilege granted to make or market a good or service under a patented process or trademarked name. (2) A business operating under such privilege.
3. Law: A government-conferred right to exist as a legal business entity within a particular jurisdiction and to exercise corporate powers.

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The McDonalds franchise has greatly grown from its original state of just one tiny hamburger stand to hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.
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The New England Patriots, an NFL franchise, is one of the most successful franchises of all time due to their winning percentage and the amount of times they have made the playoffs year after year.
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He wanted to build a franchise of the restaurant, but the fees to get it started were just too rich for his blood.
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