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1. Providing financial resources to finance a need, program, or project. In general, this term is used when a firm fills the need for cash from its own internal reserves, and the term 'financing' is used when the need is filled from external or borrowed money.
2. Grant of authority to an agency, department, or unit to incur monetary obligations and to pay for them.
3. Transferring ownership of assets to a trust to avoid probate.

Use 'funding' in a Sentence

You must make sure that you have all of the necessary funding before you start into any new costly project.
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The funding had a lofty goal but it was reached in record time was the projects minimum necessary requirements were met the same day.
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The graduate students wanted to turn their idea into a for-profit business, but they were unable to secure sufficient funding to start the company.
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One Method for Funding a Startup
"When starting a business, try to find others who want you to do something you already want to do. They can pay you, fund you, or help you in other ways. This is easier said than done, but such opportunities do arise fairly often."
- Tom Murcko
Ways to Get Funding for Your Business
"1. Equity Financing - The most basic form of funding is called "equity financing," and it really is the most risky for a business owner. It simply means that the funding comes from the business owners contributing capital to buy "shares" of the company. In return for the shares of the company the contributor gains a percentage of the profit. 2. Loan Finance - Loan financing is when you borrow money from a finance company, often times this is a bank. In this situation you pay the loan off over a specified amount of time plus interest, which is how the bank/company makes money. 3. Grants - A grant can be one of the best ways to acquire funding, however it also is one of the most difficult. A grant is awarded to businesses by a party looking to simply advanced a field, location, or industry. Grants do not have to be repaid, and there is no interest. You simply have to abide by the terms and conditions."
- GoldBusinessTips

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